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Investigative journalist with extensive experience in newspapers in the UK and overseas. Writes for Private Eye and others.

Commended by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Scoop of the Year Nominee

“Fine work” – Quentin Letts, The Daily Mail

“Incredible” – Kevin Maguire, The Mirror

“Brilliant, old-school work” – Josh Halliday, The Guardian

“A jobbing hack” – Anna White, The Daily Telegraph


A selection of appearances on BBC Radio 4, plus discussion of my work on Radio 4 and Radio 2…

Interview about police corruption with Eddie Mair on “PM”.

– PM – 3/8/2011

BBC Radio 4 Presenters

Discussion about direct democracy with Newsnight’s David Grossman on “Beyond Westminster”.

Beyond Westminster – 7/4/2012

David Grossman

A profile of my investigation into Sir Stuart Bell MP on “What the Papers Say”, by George Parker of the Financial Times.

– What The Papers Say – 11/9/2011

George Parker

Sir Stuart Bell defends himself on the Jeremy Vine show, Radio 2.

Jeremy Vine – 8/9/2011




ToryBoy The Movie – The Aftermath

An interview about my investigation into Sir Stuart Bell for the feature film documentary ToryBoy The Movie, by BAFTA-nominated film maker John Walsh. As featured in the DVD extras.

Sky News – Press Preview

Louise Mensch MP and Independent foreign editor Archie Bland discuss my investigation into Sir Stuart Bell MP.

ITV – North East Tonight

An appearance on ITV’s North East Tonight to discuss my investigation into sex offenders on the run.


Bell’s 100 Days of Silence

Widely-covered investigation into MP Sir Stuart Bell. Followed up by all of the nationals – including Independent front page headlined “Is Sir Stuart Britain’s Laziest MP?” Discussed on Sky News and Radio 4, and named “Story of the Week” in The Guardian. “Scoop of the Year” nominee.

Full story here




National coverage –

The Independent

Sky News

The Mirror

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Daily Mail

The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian


Police Corruption Probe Arrests

Exclusive on the arrest of Cleveland Police Chief Constable Sean Price – the first British police chief to be arrested in more than half a century.

Full story here

Nuclear Bomb Waste Dumped

Exclusive on secret MOD operation which saw radioactive waste from nuclear bomb tests dumped on Teesside.

Full story here

Baird Faced Cheek

Report on former Solicitor General Vera Baird’s £100,000 windfall on the sale of her taxpayer-funded home.

Full story here