A selection of editorials and comment pieces for The Journal, The China Post and The Northern Echo

On Dominic Cummings and the dark arts of political spin (The Journal). Click here

On the threat to freedom of speech posed by government plans for press regulation in the UK (The Northern Echo). Click here


On media coverage of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby (The Northern Echo). Click here

Rigby murder

On the future of the BBC (The Northern Echo). Click here

BBC Television Centre Put Up For Sale

On Time’s ‘Person of the Year’ Mark Zuckerberg (The China Post). Click here

On the jailed former president of Taiwan Chen Shui-bian (The China Post). Click here

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CHen Jail

On WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (The China Post). Click here

On Asia’s population time-bomb (The China Post). Click here

On the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners (The China Post). Click here